Combinations Of Food You Should Avoid

Food Combinations to Avoid

Almost all food combinations are generally considered good for a healthy system. However, some dangerous food tryouts could be fatal. Reactions to their chemical substitutes are similar to one of the harmful food merging of coke and mentos. Below is the list of toxic food concoctions to avoid.

1. Sweets with alcohol

Most of us are cautious about consuming food merging when alcohol is anxious, and one such amalgam that can do gaffe is having sweets with alcohol. Alcohol is prone to transform sugar into saturated fats, which can get easily collected in the body. However, consuming green vegetables may be a better alternative.

2. Juice and Dalia

Most people prefer to eat a bowl of Dalia and a glass of orange juice as breakfast of the day, considering it is a robust and smart option, but we are so wrong! This food merging takes an impost on your blood sugar levels by offering it an instant high, which has a propensity to change after some time. Such drastic variations in blood sugar are not beneficial for your health.

3. Eggs and fried meat

One of the unhealthy food minglings for digestion is eggs and fried meat togetherly. Though this consummate combo in breakfast is favorable by most, it can charge a toll on your digestion health. Fried meat for example bacon combo with eggs is a pack that is enriched with protein and your digestive system may require a long time to digest this merging. Choose a replacement instead of one of them with fresh fruits or vegetables.

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4. Cheese and beans

The food combo of beans and cheese can leave you feeling stomach disturbance and bloated. It is best to maintain beans and dairy disparate for easy digestion.

5. Water with food

Immediate water intake along with meals is one of the worst combos. This is because water is prone to weaken stomach acids, which are very crucial for digesting the food that you consume. This can get hard for your tummy and allow it to work more to assimilate the food.

6. Fries and burger

This may make you admire it because most burger combos offer fries with the burger. But it is not so good working for the stomach because this mingle is as bad as it could eat. Pair fries and burger patties are deep-fried food types, which can make your blood sugar proportion very low. Low blood sugar intensity will mold you tired and lethargic.

7. Cola and pizza

Another bad union that most fast-food chains deliver to their customers, soda and pizza is a very bad way out as long as your health is suffering. Pizza is rich in starch and proteins, which break down digestion and a large quantity of sugar from cola further makes your digestion run on a slow track.

8. Fruits with yogurt

Those of you who have been trusting the misconception that consuming fruits and yogurt is a very healthy alternative may endure demoralizing by the truth that it is not so. When the acid from fruits comes in proximity to the protein in yogurt, it not only impacts the digestive process but also generates a toxic level. This toxic food merger can cause food allergies also.

9. Fruits after meals

One of the worst food choices is that anyone can prefer fruits immediately after a meal. Fruits and other food objects do not go effectively with each other. The speed of digestion of fruits is faster but intake components in a meal like protein, fats, or carbohydrates are more time-consuming in the sense of digestion. If the fruit sugar remains in the stomach for longer, it may try to ferment and lead to tummy troubles.

10. Banana and milk

Milk and banana are some of the most toxin-prone food combos as they can lead to heaviness. It may also make your mind sluggish feeling and your body laziness. If you wish to relish an intermittent banana smoothie, ensure you insert green cardamom, cinnamon paste, or nutmeg powder to promote digestion.

11. Aerated drinks and mint

There have been things that you can surf doing the cycle on the internet that proves the riposte among mint and cola. Just think if the same thing occurs in your tummy. Well, that would be a bad sight truly! This is because mint and cola can lead to uncubed bloating and gas, which can make you feel acidic and very uncomfort.

12. Milk and Tulsi Leaf

Such remedy, commonly utilized for the purpose of colds and coughs, is endorsed by many. However, Ayurveda suggests making sure of a minimum 30-minute gap between consuming milk and Tulsi leaves for optimal effectiveness.

13. Cheesy Food and Cold Drink

Indulging in the flavourful combination of pizza and coke is the most common pleasure. Yet, as tempting as it may get, such pairing is unfavorable for your health. Intake of a cold beverage alongside a cheesy meal can obstacle systemic absorption, potentially leading to stomach aches and discomfort.

14. Milk and Fruits

According to Ayurveda, it is suggested not to mix milk along with the bananas or sour fruits. Even though banana shakes may be a perennial favorite, Ayurveda does not suggest their consumption.

15. Consumption of Fruits With Meals

While fruits are seamlessly digestible, meals may consume a longer time to process. However, it is suggested to consume fruits after the meal has been digested and initiated to undergo fermentation. Ideally, fruits should not be consumed with or immediately after a meal.

16. Tomato with Cucumber

Mixing the tomatoes with cucumbers is discouraged, as is combining either of these with yogurt. Consequently, it is suggested to reconsider the composition of salads and raita. Furthermore, lemon is not recommended along with tomatoes or cucumbers. However, the use of lemon juice in salads and kachumber salads is suggested against.

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We discussed above the list of combinations of food you must avoid. If by mistake you have consumed the wrong dietary combo foods then always add a super ingredient desi ghee in your diet that regulates your slower digestion due to the bad intake. 

As ghee promotes digestion tract for better performance. So we have to strengthen our digestion level by eating eupepsia stimulating foods. It is no shock to keep active on the market today with so many digestive issues and dietary aids for the stomach, most of these circumstances likely start with poor food combinations.

Role of ghee in bad food dietary habits

According to Ayurveda, Ghee has beneficial qualities with its taste, heating or cooling, and calming effects, and also useful in post-digestive issues. It is the individual’s responsibility to find a truly balanced diet. 

Ghee tackles the gastric fire or Agni digestive cycles are the main entrance via nutrients entering the tissues to balance the life functions. Ghee is an ancient holistic approach for digestion for various food groups

Agni performs to a large extent on how well or poorly the diet is digested, so the food combination has vital values. Where desi cow ghee can become a superpath, inhibiting the enzyme system and offering in the cleansing of the toxins. 

Yet these same foods, if consumed on the right combo, might well reproduce Agni, be digested faster, and even permit to burn ama.


Ghee is an essential, nutritious, vitamin, and therapeutic ingredient in Ayurvedic cooking and digestion remedies. It is also a better choice for cooking fat than regular butter, as the previous version is the clarified version which is a heat-stable or high smoke point, and since it involves no milk solids, is quicker for many people to digest. 

Pure real desi ghee is good for health when it should not be eaten in proper proportions with honey e.g 1:1 as this has a deleterious impact on the body. So please be aware of the wrong food combos to avoid and focus on which foods to be added so that the digestion track will work as wonderfully as desi grass-fed cow ghee. To add this super ingredient just grab a jar of ghee by ordering it online: