Why Desi Ghee Massages Are Good For You

Massaging with desi ghee benefits

Grass-fed cow ghee massage is helpful to treat the imbalance created by pitta and Vata. The ancient Susruta Samhita text states that the desi cow ghee is helpful for all elements of the body, and it is the effective remedy for pitta (inflammatory) disorders and is the best choice for lowering health issues. 

Indian cow ghee massage is utilized to deal with various diseases, rejuvenating therapies (Rasayana), and aphrodisiac-related issues (vajikarana). Furthermore, pure ghee massaging for small babies is useful for memory boosting, intelligence, and also for the regulation of sexual secretions and indigestion.

 As desi cow ghee is loaded with phenolic antioxidants. It is the best choice for the progress of all seven dhatus stimulation in the health system (plasma, blood, flesh, fat, bones, marrow, semen) and is suitable for humans of any age. 

Pure ghee can be utilized to enhance the efficiency of all sensory organs more efficiently, improve skin complexion and skin issues. Desi cow ghee massaging following the custom of Ayurveda to relish a unique feeling that focuses on relaxation, stress relief, and relieving the emotional blockages.

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By focussing on the particular energy points the pure ghee massages promote blood circulation to the nervous system. Indian cow ghee is the supreme choice compared to all fat substances and thousands of procedures for medicated ghee are related in Ayurveda for the remedy of numerous illnesses, significantly related to inflammation.

Desi Ghee Massaging Benefits

Offers hydration and cleansing:

From our birth to the expiry of life, ghee nourishes the softness and comfort that can’t be changed by other options or products. It is useful in detoxifying our system from inside to outside dual nature and also offers hydration to the entire body.

Boost our immunity to avoid the chances of getting ill. Also if you fall ill then it will help you to recover quickly.

Massage with ghee on feet for quick relaxation:

Massaging your base of feet with desi cow ghee is a contrivance to get instant consolation from stress and soreness in bones. Due to the cold atmosphere, if your foot gets tone black and your body requires calmness due to grass-fed cow ghee massaging is a point of feature to it. Ghee will act as a heat thrower for your body system.

Applying pure ghee on feet at night is helpful as:

  • You will get relief from depression and anxiety.
  • Promotes the health of the foot and cures the heel cracks by moisturizing the skin.
  • Balance to an aggravated Vata, pitta dosha.
  • Remedy to avoid feet dryness, wrinkle-free skin by reducing dullness.

Role of massaging in detoxification

In recent years, massaging therapies have been invented as a remedy for detoxification for addicted people. As a result, we must see the output of patients who get cured of alcoholism. The pure ghee massage on the neck, back, shoulders, and head sides lower the alcohol intake scale, resulting in the initial steps of this detoxification process.

Promotes good sleep

These Ayurvedic massaging therapies are useful for a great recovery in the case of sleeping problems. Massage therapies create positive impacts, the “Swedish massage” can assist a patient to get calm sleep. 

Massage therapy is useful to enhance relaxation and signs of overall well-being sensation by promoting quality sleep and refreshment. Also enhance the serotonin and dopamine levels, and sensation of the parasympathetic response.

Promotes liver health 

The lymphatic system does not regularize a muscular pump, like  heart functioning natural pumping needs; therefore, it is based on the three main methods to mobilize lymph health through the system are:

  1. Movement
  2. Deep breathing
  3.  Massaging therapies 

By stimulating the flushing of metabolic toxins, interstitial areas (found between cells and circulatory container) are detoxified causing ideal scenarios of healthy warmness within the body. Healthier cells supported in the right fluid levels will maintain the cell’s vitality. 

Massaging with grass-fed cow ghee aids the mind of the physiologic and psychological value. This is not to be interchanged with medical cleansing therapies which manifest basically as a liver action to purify drug-related ingredients from the blood. Enhanced circulation of blood to regulate liver function better.

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Abhyanga Massage Therapy

Entire body massage used to heal the pain in various points of the body is referred to as Abiyanga therapy, where the desi cow ghee has supreme importance so, select it very carefully because it should perform the deep penetration among the cells and soothes physical, mental, and spiritual venom from our system, hence cleansing our whole body, head to toe.

The ghee, herbs, and shiatsu will be neatly selected and adequate which suit your body kind and doshas, authorize you to expedite the stored-up wastes and enhance self-healing of cells. It moisturizes the body and maintains the balance of doshas.

 Ayurvedic ghee massage is useful in:

  1. Flushing body impurities are useful in reducing weight.
  2. Calms nerves and enables deeper and better sleep
  3. Offer us soften, smoothen and problem-free skin and lower the aging effects.
  4. It promotes blood circulation and regulates internal organs.

Besides massaging, ghee has immense benefits as per Ayurveda:

  • Pure is medicine on cough and pitta dosha
  • Useful in digestion and offers healthy microbes in your gut.
  • Enhances Ojas or “Life energy”
  • Useful in avoiding the risk of many diseases.
  • Useful in baby’s development.

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Can Ghee Be Effective for Treating Skin Pigmentation?

Ghee can be a beneficial remedy for treating skin pigmentation issues. Dermatologists suggest the use of carotene-rich desi ghee as an antioxidant that helps to minimize oxidative stress damage, encouraging healthy skin. Research indicates that carotene from ghee acts as a protective barrier against photodamage that was resulted by UV radiation, thereby preventing premature aging.

How to use desi ghee for combating facial pigmentation?

Take a small quantity of ghee and add gram flour, turmeric, and a few drops of lemon juice.

  • Massage the mixture as a mask on your face.
  • Wash it off with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Constant application of this routine can harness optimal results. 

Furthermore, there are several techniques for massaging ghee on your face, including:

  • Directly applying ghee on your lips and under the eye region to address dryness and reduce dark circles.
  • Making a face pack by mixing equal amounts of ghee and gram flour, adjusting consistency with water or a few drops of milk. Such a pack, when applied and allowed to dry, brightens the skin and minimizes dark spots.
  • Combining desi ghee with water in circular motions to make a fluffy white paste, known for its skin benefits according to Ayurveda.

Can the application of ghee lead to pimples?

Pimples typically arise when skin pores tend to become clogged with dead cells, dirt, and sebum, leading to bacterial infections that cause inflammation and swelling. However, ghee tends to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory attributes, suggesting that its application is unlikely to contribute to the formation of pimples.


Ghee is a good source of healthy supplements, fat-soluble vitamins, and indispensable saturated fats. Ghee has also been useful in weight loss, so anyone who wants to maintain a healthy diet without flushing out on imperative fats. 

For massaging, you must select organic grass-fed ghee as it is a medicine that has benefits for Panchakarma, Abhangya, and many more. It is the most optimal choice for massaging newborn babies for healthy development. 

So there is a curiosity about which desi cow ghee should be used and I will suggest you prefer a pure desi real ghee from Suresh farm. So you can visit our online store for ordering desi cow ghee prepared by bilona method: https://sureshfoods.com.